Bulk Sent

Go to https://dashboard.wachat.net/user/bulk-message
Or click to Send Bulk Message option from user sidebar



Select bulk option type Send Bulk Message or Send Bulk Message With Template Send Bulk Message

  1. Add Record (add new single record)
  2. Contact List (import contact list from contacts book)
  3. Import Contacts From CSV (import contacts from CSV)
  4. Messages Logs (Messages Logs)


Send Bulk Message With Template

  1. Select Template (Select Template Used for which template you want to sent your target audience)
  2. Select Device (Select Device used for which device from the message will sent)
  3. Select Receivers (Select receivers used for who will receive the messages its from your contacts book)
  4. Sent this template to all user? (if you check this option the message will sent all of your target from contacts book)


After click the sent now button it will redirect to a single page for customize