Wachat WHMCS WhatsApp Notification

To offer a great online service experience to your existing and potential customers by staying in touch with them, keeping them informed at every possible step. “Wachat WHMCS WhatsApp Notification” addon is developed with the single aim of keeping your customers notified, thus adding value to your customer relationship allowing you to manage your online business, client management, billing and support functionality while using WHMCS.


Client Features:

  1. New user sign-up notifications
  2. Invoice notifications
  3. Payment reminder notifications
  4. Automated creation of services when order is placed notifications
  5. Welcome a user, password change, upgrade, suspension or more notifications
  6. Promotional incentives after sign-up notifications
  7. Links and attachments notifications
  8. Automated payment reminders notifications
  9. Hosting or reseller account is created notifications
  10. Receive information when a product is out of stock notifications
  11. Subscribing for a newsletter notifications
  12. Service upgrade available notifications


Admin Features:

  1. Admin Login notifications
  2. Client Add notifications
  3. After Registrar Renewal notifications
  4. After Registrar Registration Failed notifications
  5. Client Login notifications
  6. Ticket Open notifications
  7. Ticket User Reply notifications
  8. After Registrar Renewal Failed notifications
  9. After Registrar Registration notifications